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Barry McLeod is one of Australia's leading MCs and Corporate Comedians - with 20 years experience as corporate MC and facilitator, and a tandem career as standup comedian.

When his academic and corporate knowledge is combined with his inherent flair for humour and stealth of wit, Barry's presentations form a complex tapestry with a lasting impact on the audience.


Six reasons you should choose Barry:

Entertainment - has been hosting and performing at events and conferences for 20 years, and as a professional comedian for 15 years.  Winner of MICENET Magazine's eawards "Best Event Entertainer of the Year".

Professional - is smart & quick thinking - Barry performs at a high level with seamless flow throughout.

Education - with more letters after his name than is polite - including an MBA, Masters in Project Management and BSc degree, Barry can comfortably drive your agenda.

Presentable - he fits in and facilitates at all levels throughout an organisation.

Experience - has worked across multiple industries from small to large projects; from law and finance to public relations.

Pleasurable - makes "serious serious" and "fun fun".  His energy infects the audience, and his calm approach puts presenters at ease.

His project and strategic management background combined with his understanding of business at an MBA level, provides Barry with the extraordinary ability to discuss and present through diverse industries and organisational structures. 

Both content and presentation style will be specific to your company's blueprint.



  • Corporate MC and Anchorman
  • Facilitator
  • Corporate Comedian
  • Corporate Videos
  • Speech Coaching

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